Munchkins: End of the year gifts


Finally the end of the school year has come….the last week has been the longest so far!  This year Avery has been in two different classes (2 year old  and 3 year old class), so I had a total of 10 people to think about for end of year gifts.  Instead of getting each person an individual gift, I decided to give them a group “Treat”!

I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and came up with the following label to place on Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.

munchkins - Edited

Avery was especially excited about delivering the doughnuts on Monday morning.  It took very little money or time to create and the teachers seemed to really enjoy the extra treat.

DSC_0879   DSC_0880

When the girls start back to school in the fall, we will be giving their teachers a back to school gift.  I found the following ideas that look fun!

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