Searching for Letters

pink coins cover

I was in the dollar store the other day and found a set of pink coins and play money, and I immediately knew this would make a perfect scavenger hunt activity.  So far we have searched for colors, numbers, and shapes.  The next scavenger hunt I wanted to make was letters.  In addition to the play money, I also bought a set of containers that the girls could use to collect their pink coins.  I added letter stickers on all the coins and paper money.  Since Avery has mastered most the uppercase letters, I wanted to create a matching activity that should she could play.  I put lowercase letters on the paper money and uppercase letters on the coins.


I made labels for each of the girls containers, “Avery’s Pot of Pink/Leslie’s Pot of Pink”.

DSC_0815 - Edited

It was a very inexpensive and a simple activity to make since I already had the letter stickers.  It did not take more than 15 minutes to label the containers and place on all the stickers.  Since it was a pretty day, we went outside for the scavenger hunt.  I hid the coins throughout the plants and the girls searched for them.


 After they found all the coins, they dumped them out and we identified each letter. Next, they hid the coins for me to find and then I hid them AGAIN.  They really enjoyed searching and hiding them!


Avery is consistent with identifying most all her uppercase letters, but needs some work with lowercase letters.  The next part of this activity is to match the lowercase and uppercase letters. The lowercase letters are on the paper money.  I plan on working individually with Avery and having her match five or six uppercase and lowercase letters at a time.



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