Shape Hunt-Making a Shape Book


Continuing with the scavenger hunt series, the next activity I created was a shape hunt which then turned into a shape book for each girl.

I created and cut out shapes (circle, square, triangle, star, oval, and rectangle).  I then placed them in an envelope and marked the top of the envelope with either a pink circle for Leslie or orange rectangle for Avery.  I wanted to make sure they both found the same shapes and that Avery did not find all of the envelopes!

cut and folder

Next, I hid the envelopes around the room and had the girls come and find them.  They really enjoyed looking for their envelopes and very excited when they found one with their shape.  I gave them each a bag in order to collect the envelopes.

search and find

After all the envelopes were found, they opened them up and we identified the shapes together.  I then gave them a glue stick and they glued the shapes onto the correct page of their shape book.


 So far we have gone on two “shape hunts” and still have lots more room on the pages to add more shapes, so I believe we will be going on more “hunts” in the coming weeks.  Avery especially loved this activity and she also worked on counting the shapes after she glued them on the pages.

avery book

You can get your FREE copy of the shape book here.


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