Searching for Starfish

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Thinking about the next activity to add to our summer scavenger hunt idea, I came up with Searching for Starfish.  We love going to the beach and boating, so I thought the girls would like the “summer like” theme…hence the starfish.  I decided to just focus on the numbers 1-9 with and to start with a matching activity.

I made a template with starfish labeled 1-9.  And then I created matching pink starfish with the same numbers.

You can get the printable for this activity HERE.

starfish search starfishsearch1

I laminated and cut out the pink starfish and then started to think how to make it into a scavenger hunt.  In the past the girls have enjoyed rice bins, so I dyed some rice yellow and hid the starfish in the rice.  You can learn how to dye rice here.  It is very easy!!


Then I added a couple of shells into the mixture and the girls took turns looking for the starfish.

pic5            pic2

Since number recognition is a skill that Avery is currently working on (Leslie is too young), she matched the starfish to the correct number on the corresponding sheet.  I was pretty impressed that she was able to match most of them with little help from me.  When it was Leslie’s turn she gave the starfish to Avery, so she could match them again!

Next time we do this activity, I plan on getting some tweezers so the girls can work on their fine motor skills.

pic1  pic4

I decided to make a starfish themed number lesson to accompany this activity since the girls seemed to enjoy it. Included in the mini lesson are flashcards, number matching, individual number sheets, and coloring sheets.  Here is a sample of an activity sheet.


If you want to check out the entire kit you can find it HERE.



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