Self Control Cue Cards

cards collage

In preparation for next year, I decided to start making a toolbox of resources.  In the past, I have worked with a number of children who have trouble with self control….either they have never been taught the skills or cannot control their actions and need some additional strategies to help them out!  I made four different colored cards that can been used in a number of different ways.  I got the cute polka dot background from here.

stop5 stop4 stop3 stop2

After a small group lesson on teaching self control strategies (take a deep breath, count to 10, ect.), these cards can be given to students as a visual reminder.  Students can keep the card in their desk or tape it to the top of the desk.  When teachers start seeing signs of frustration, they can refer the student to their cue card.

Another way to use the cards could be within a classroom self reflection center.  I hope to make a future post on classroom self reflection centers.  These cue cards could be kept in a basket of “calming tools” for students.

Teachers could also display the cards on a poster within the classroom, so all students can see it and be directed towards it, when frustration is mounting.

I printed out four cards of each color to keep in my office. You can get your copy FREE here. Enjoy!




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