Going on a Color Hunt

As summer approaches, I’ve been thinking about creating a repertoire of activities to do with my girls.  There is so much that you can do with scavenger hunts that keeps kids engaged and learning.   Leslie is working on her colors and shapes and Avery is mastering her numbers and letters, so I thought I would create some activities that would work on these skills.

I had never heard of the song from “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” until Avery came home earlier this year and started singing it.  What cute little lyrics that lend themselves perfectly to a Scavenger Hunt.  The first activity I created was “Going on a Color Hunt”.  I laminated the paper, so the girls could look for the colors around the house or outside and then cross them off when they found the color.  Not only does this help Leslie with identifying her colors, it also helps Avery identifying her color words.Dots

I switched up the lyrics to go with our “Color Hunt”

We’re going on a color hunt!
We’re going on a color hunt!
We’re gonna catch a RED color!
We’re gonna catch a RED color!

You can print our your free copy here and just cut in half.


Here is another spin on it by collecting colored objects in bags.  Details can be found at crayonfreckles.blogspot.com


I’m also going to try this approach from Hands on as we Grow.  It is a little more detailed by giving the children clues to find the different colored paper to eventually make a rainbow.  Looks like a lot of fun!!

scavenger hunt


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